Emergency Services Council


Ordinance. Chapter 34 – Emergency Services, Article II. Emergency Services Council

Appointing Authority

City Council


There are eleven members that include: The Director of Public Safety, the Deputy Director of Public Works, the Director of Community Engagement, Administrative Staff member appointed by the City Manager, a City Council representative, and six citizens who are not otherwise connected with City government.


The Commissioners serve three year terms that expire on August 31.

Meeting Dates and Times

This Commission meets on the second Monday monthly from September to June at 7 p.m.

Meeting Location

Executive Conference Room City Hall City of Oak Park 14000 Oak Park Blvd. Oak Park, MI 48237


The Emergency Services Council shall advise the City Manager and the Emergency Services Director on matters pertaining to emergency management, especially in plan development.

Actively Serving Members

The following individuals are active members of this Commission:
Alvin (Jerry) Begel
Ken Gaynor, Secretary
Nynier Hall-Brown, Vice-Chair
Gwendolyn Henderson
Val Moskalik
Ken Rich, Council Member
Steve Cooper, Director of Public Safety
Rocco Fortura, Deputy Director of Public Works
Denise DeSantis, Director of Community Engagement
Devin Benson, Administrative Staff Appointed by the City Manager
vacancies - 1

Events and Activities

Increase awareness of the importance of emergency kits.


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Rules of Procedure



Meeting Minutes
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