Free Garage Sale Dates


To help organize Free Garage Sale Weekends, City Council designates a weekend in each of the summer month as a Free Garage Sale Weekend.  This allows residents to hold a garage sale, without incurring the fee. However, the rules and regulations set forth for garage sales will still apply and must still be met.  

For more information on rules and regulations, visit Garage Sale Rules and Regulations.

Garage Sales Occurring in Oak Park

The following locations have pulled a permit through the City of Oak Park and plan on holding a garage sale on the following dates:

24011 Majestic - October 30-31

Free Garage Sale Weekends in 2018

Thursday, March 22, to Sunday, March 25
Thursday, April 26, to Sunday, April 29
Thursday, May 17, to Sunday, May 20
Thursday, June 21, to Sunday, June 24
Thursday, July 26, to Sunday, July 29
Thursday, August 23, to Sunday, August 26
Thursday, September 27, to Sunday, September 30
Thursday, October 18, to Sunday, October 21

Garage Sale Guidelines

For information on the City's policies an procedures for holding a garage sale, pulling a permit, and listing you garage sale, please visit Garage Sale Guidelines. Or, if you prefer, contact the City Clerk's Office at (248) 691-7544.