Municipal Building Authority Commission


Public Act 31 of 1948, Building Authorities. MCL 123.951 – 123.965. Council Resolution CM-6-245-60, October 21, 1968; Amended CM-10-608-68, November 7, 2011 – Articles of Incorporation of Municipal Building Authority of Oak Park.

Appointing Authority

City Council

There are seven Commissioners who are qualified and registered electors of the City.

The Commissioners serve three year terms expiring on August 31.

Meeting Dates and Times
The Commission meets at least semi-annually. Such meetings to be held on the second Monday of January and the second Monday of July each year, or such other date as the Commission shall by rule determine (Resolution CM-10-608-68).

Meeting Location

The purposes of the Municipal Building Authority are the acquiring, furnishing, equipping, owning, improving, enlarging, operating and/or maintaining a building or buildings, or additions to buildings, and the necessary site or sites therefore, for the use of the City of Oak Park, Michigan. (Articles of Incorporation of Municipal Building Authority of Oak Park, June 24, 1960).

Actively Serving Members

The following individuals are active members of this Board:
Chelsea Barnes, Jr.
Bob Gerhsman
Andrew Hylton
Erik Tungate, City Manager
vacancies - 1

Events and Activities


Rules of Procedure


Meeting Minutes