Traffic Safety Board


City Ordinance. Sections 2-326 through 2-340, Article III, Boards and Commissions. Division 6, Chapter 2, Administration. 

Appointing Authority
City Council

The Board has seven members, including five residents that are representative of the population distribution and of the various interests present in Oak Park, one member of City Council and one member appointed by the Planning Commission.

The Board Member terms shall be one year and until their successors have been elected. 

Meeting Dates and Times
The Board meets once per month, to be established by the Board membership itself.

Meeting Location
City Hall
City of Oak Park
14000 Oak Park Blvd.
Oak Park, MI 48237

A traffic safety board shall be established for the city to study and recommend traffic and safety measures and programs to enhance traffic safety within the city.

Actively Serving Members

The following individuals are active members of this Board:





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