Calendar of Events

January 2020 Calendar of Events

The following graphics represent some of the events and activities that will be offered this month through the City of Oak Park and its various departments. Please feel free to contact the appropriate department for more details on any event or activity.

New Yearwert wert wreterw t HD

ccm1 2020 january 2020

Spring Sports Registratijan20202020on HD

Total Bjan20202020ody Workout HD

Zumba jan20202020 HD

Meet Libby HD jan20202020

MiddleEastern Belly jan20202020Dance HD

Dragon's Eighjan20202020t Youth Karate HD

Dragon's jan20202020Eight Karate HD

Simply Well Yoga HDjan20202020

Craft Day HDjan20202020

Chair jan20202020Yoga Class HD

Advance Care Planning vjan20202020HD

Sunday Concert jan20202020GENERAL HD

MLK Parade HDjan20202020

CCM2 january 2020

Community Visioning Open Part 1 HD

Detroits Majestic HDjan20202020

Essential Oils HDjan20202020

AerobicHustle Dance Class HDjan20202020

Lego Club HDjan20202020

Cooking for One HDjan20202020

Ballroom Dancejan20202020 HD

Holiday jan20202020Tree Collection HD

Community Visioning Open Part 2 HD

Winterfest HD (Nowords) - Copyjan20202020

Yoga Everybjan20202020ody HD

Tai Chi Bjan20202020eginners HD

Tai Chi Returnjan20202020ing HD

Basic Hatha Yoga jan20202020HD

Djan20202020addy Daughter Dance HD

Recurring Events and Activities

Meals on Wheels WEB

Senior Transportation WEB

EnhanceFitness HD No Pic

Intro to Computers HD

Coloring & Conversation HD

Tournament Tuesdays WEB

Baby Toddler Play Time HD

Volunteer Coach WEB

Sponsor WEB