Retiree Information Page

The City is currently using CBIZSavitz Benefits Consultants to administer all your retiree pension payments.

CBIZSavitz can be contacted to manage the following pension issues:

- Change of address
- Direct Deposit updates
- Tax withholding changes
- Questions regarding your monthly pension amount, including verification
- Inform the City of the passing of a retiree
- Savitz can be reached by telephone or email. A self-service website is also available.

Contact Information
Telephone: (248) 691-7575
Self-Service website:
Savitz has been in business for over 40 years and serves both public and private entities across the nation.
For more information on the Savitz organization, feel free to visit their website at

All retiree health care issues are managed by the City’s Human Resource Department.
For questions, please contact Carla Allen at (248) 691-7448 or email