Animal License Application

Pet Information
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Date of Vac.:  Breed:
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Is animal neutered or spayed? 
Owner Information
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Fee Schedule
A late fee of $10.00 is assessed against all licenses purchased after December 31st
Neutered/Spayed - 1 year $7.00 Neutered/Spayed - 3 year $15.00
Non-Neutered/Spayed - 1 year $16.00 Non-Neutered/Spayed - 3 year $30.00

The owners of unlicensed animals may be ticketed and subject to additional fines.
" I am responsible for maintaining a current rabies vaccination certificate and may not harbor more than three animals (dogs and/or cats)."
 Owners Initials

Please return this application with a check or money order payable to "City of Oak Park" and a copy of the animal's current rabies vaccination certificate to:
Requests for a 3 year Animal License MUST BE accompanied by a 3 year Rabies vaccination certificate.
Oak Park Department of Public Safety • Records Bureau
13800 Oak Park Blvd • Oak Park MI 48237

13800 Oak Park Boulevard, Oak Park, MI 48237 Phone: (248) 691-7526 Fax: (248) 691-7431 TDD: (248) 691-7174