Water Quality Report

City of Oak Park's Annual Water Quality Report

The City of Oak Park wants you to know your tap water meets or surpasses all federal and state standards for water quality. 

The City of Oak Park publishes the "City of Oak Park's Annual Water Quality Report."  The brochure is sent to every household and business in the City of Oak Park by July 1 of each year. Extra copies are also available online, see the download below, or from the Department of Public Works office. This brochure addresses the following items:

  • Where Does My Water Come From?
  • Cryptosporidium Facts
  • Safeguards
  • Substances Expected to Be In Drinking Water
  • Special Health Concerns
  • Quality and Safety
  • Lead Monitoring
  • Springwells Water Treatment Plant Regulated Detected Contaminants Tables and Key Code Chart
For a copy of the Quality Water Report:
2017 City of Oak Park Annual Water Quality Report
2016 City of Oak Park Annual Water Quality Report

2015 City of Oak Park Annual Water Quality Report

Great Lakes Water Authority

All of Oak Park is served by public water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer facilities. Water is supplied to Oak Park by the City of Detroit. The Great Lakes Water Authority is a regional governing body that overseas the operation of water and sewer assets for Oakland County, as well as the City of Detroit, Wayne County, Macomb County and some outlying communities in other counties.  To learn more about the water supply and about Great Lakes Water Authority, click on the following:

Great Lakes Water Authority Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
Great Lakes Water Authority Understanding the Differences (PDF)
Great Lakes Water Authority: What Does It Mean for Oakland County (PDF)

If you should have any questions or concerns about water quality, water supply or water distribution, please contact the Department of Public Works at (248) 691-7497 during business hours. If you have a water emergency, use our emergency contact line at (248) 691-7520.