Code Assistance/Animal Control Officer 

Description :

JOB TITLE:  Code Assistance/Animal Control Officer            




Enforces City codes and investigates alleged violations of zoning, sign, anti-blight, litter and animal control ordinances.  Inspects rental homes and apartments to ensure compliance with City Ordinances and the International Property Maintenance Code.  Duties include investigating, preparing and maintaining correspondence and reports associated with the above.  Has responsibility of issuing citations when appropriate and represent the City to provide documentation and evidence regarding the citation in court. 

REPORTS TO:   Building Division Supervisor but may receive direction from a Code Inspector


  • Investigates all complaints by citizens of alleged violations of codes and ordinances concerning litter, blight, signs, zoning, grass and noxious weeds, fences, hedges, refuse, snow removal, garage sales, swimming pools, and parking areas.
  • Takes necessary steps to correct problems, including issuing violations where appropriate.
  • Maintain dog pound providing animals with food, water and clean cages.
  • Destroy or cause to be destroyed, injured, sick and unclaimed animals.  Determines which animals should be destroyed.
  • Investigates complaints of unsanitary dog runs and yards, issues violations where appropriate.
  • Picks up and disposes of dead animals.
  • Investigates animal bite complaints, arrange first-aid where appropriate, find and check animal(s) involved, check vaccination records and issue violation(s) where appropriate.
  • Perform rental inspections to ensure compliance with City Ordinances and the International Property Maintenance Code.
  • Regularly circulates through the city to check for violations of codes and ordinances concerning all code issues as well as the parking of commercial and recreational equipment in residential districts.
  • Checks business licenses for possible ordinance violations. Takes appropriate actions.
  • Makes appropriate corrective arrangements (e.g., for grass cutting or rat extermination) where violations exist on private property and the owner cannot be contacted or compliance has not been obtained.
  • Investigates possible zoning violations (e.g., by watching house to observe type of activity) to de­termine whether action should be taken.
  • Prepares written reports for each of the above activities, properly documents all evidence and actions in a manner appropriate for use in court actions.
  • Notifies adjunct property owners of the Board of Appeals.
  • Testifies in court when necessary.
  • Checks site plans and conducts field checks for new construction and Board of Zoning Appeals applica­tions, and resale and occupancy permits.
  • Provide clerical support as needed by answering phones and issuing permits.


  • Degree from an accredited high school, or training equivalent sufficient for main­taining records and reports at level necessary for use in court.
  • Experience in rental inspection, code compliance and enforcement.
  • Knowledge of International Property Maintenance Code
  • Knowledge of ordinances pertaining to signs, litter, blight and zoning.
  • Reasonable knowledge of the geography of the city.
  • Ability to assemble data and to prepare and maintain correspondence, records, and reports.
  • Ability to communicate with and work effectively with the public and other employees.
  • Knowledge in BS&A software, Microsoft Word and Excel and the ability to navigate through internet resources.


  • Working in areas under construction.
  • Field conditions which consist of unpaved sites, muddy, dusty areas and a potential dangerous environment.
  • Works in office environment and in field environment; field activities require inspections of occupied homes and properties, junk or abandoned vehicles, search of tool sheds, piles of lumber or wood, shrubbery etc. for evidence of rodents or other code violations.
  • Potential for frequent confrontations with ordinance violators.
  • Must handle mean, scared and wild animals.

This is a full-time position in a unionized environment with an hourly rate of $17.7831 - $21.9245 per hour. 


This job description is intended to indicate the general nature of responsibilities typically assigned to the job.   The description is not necessarily exhaustive or intended to limit the supervisor’s right to modify assignments as necessary.

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