2020 Millage Renewals

2020 Millage Renewals


Coming up on your August 4 Primary Election ballot, you will have the opportunity to renew three important millages: one for the Public Safety Department, one for the Recreation Department, and one for the Oak Park Library.

Public Safety Millage Renewal

- 0.9599 mills or $0.9599 per $1,000 of taxable value

- Originally voted on in 2010 to help fund personnel, equipment, and operations of the Public Safety Department.

- Helps fund community policing and engagement initiatives like the Public Safety Ice Cream Truck, Coffee with a Cop, the Annual Open House, and our new K-9 Unit.

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Recreation Millage Renewal

- 0.4799 mills or $0.4799 per $1,000 of taxable value

- Originally voted on in 2010 to help fund personnel, equipment, and operations of the Recreation Department.

- Helps fund Oak Park’s regionally-known events like the Independence Day Parade, Summer Concerts, and Boo Bash, as well as daily recreation programs and activities.

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Library Millage Renewal

- 0.4799 mills or $0.4799 per $1,000 of taxable value

- Originally voted on in 2010 to help fund personnel, equipment, and operations of the Oak Park Public Library.

- Helps fund improvements and additions to the Library’s book collection, as well programs and events like Story Time, Movie Mondays, and our Adult Computer Class.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why are these millages up for renewal this year?
A: These three millages were originally voted on 10 years ago when taxable values were beginning to decrease significantly during the Great Recession. In the State of Michigan, municipalities must ask voters for renewals of millages every 10 years.

Q: Why are these millage renewals necessary and important?
A: In 2008, the total taxable value for the city was $728 million dollars – meaning that one mill brought in $728,000 citywide. When the effects of the Great Recession finally fully caught up with municipal governments in 2014, the total taxable value of the City had decreased by $300 million dollars, meaning at that point, one mill only brought in $432,000 – a 40% decline from 2008. While we have seen a slow increase in taxable value since 2016, we’re still not close to being where we were before the Great Recession hit. In fact, taxable value, which is currently $522 million is still only 70% of what it was in 2008. Renewing these millages will mean that the city services and amenities that you’ve come to know and love will be able to continue.

Q: What does this mean for me as a resident?
A: First, the millage renewals will not increase your taxes. In fact, you’ll actually see a decrease in your city taxes due to statutory millage rollbacks. Second, these renewals will have a positive impact on funding city services and amenities in the Public Safety and Recreation Departments as well as the Library at a time when the city is facing budget constraints affecting personnel and programming.

Q: What has the City done over the years to save my taxpayer dollars?
A: City Manager Erik Tungate has worked with City Council and other City officials to implement several cost-saving measures over the years. Such measures include instituting a city-wide hiring freeze, reducing healthcare costs, refinancing debt, and soliciting grant and sponsorship funding for a variety of uses.

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For more information, please contact Crystal Van Vleck, Director of Strategic Planning and Special Projects, at (248) 691-7401 or cvanvleck@oakparkmi.gov.

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