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City Charter and Code of Ordinances

The City's Charter and Code of Ordinance is the municipal code of laws that dictate how the City operates. Under state law, the City of Oak Park is allowed to publish all general ordinances, organized by topic.  This document is often referred to in order to clarify roles, processes and procedures. City Council can amend or repeal the City's original charter, however there are very specific rules on how to pass a Charter Ordinance and what a Charter Ordinance may regulate..

The City of Oak Park publishes it's Charter and Code of Ordinances through a service called Municiode. There may be a lag from the time a change is made and the time it is posted on Municode. At these times, the City will post the change on this web page until it is documented in Municode.

To review the City's Charter, visit City of Oak Park City Charter.
To review the City's Code of Ordinances, visit City of Oak Park Code of Ordinances.

Recent Changes to City Charter or Code of Ordinance

*There are no recent changes to the City Charter or Code of Ordinance that are not already listed on Municiode.

For more information on the City's Charter or Code of Ordinance, please contact the City Clerk's Office at:

City Clerk's Office
City of Oak Park
14000 Oak Park Blvd.
Oak Park, MI 48237
(248) 691-7544