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Available Properties

Tax Foreclosure RFQ
tax foreclosure
This is an opportunity to bid on purchasing the tax foreclosed properties within the City of Oak Park through the City’s right of first refusal. The ideal Bidder will rehabilitate the property and sell it to homeowner occupants. Vacant lots will have new homes constructed on them and commercial properties will be rehabilitated and either sold or leased to desirable businesses. The Successful Bidder will purchase the properties “as is” at the cost of foreclosure plus administration fees and any outstanding water, property taxes, assessments, and city code violations.  Please note that the cost of foreclosure can vary based on the new guidelines in MCL 211.78m. Bidders are encouraged to familiarize themselves with MCL 211.78m before submitting a response to this request. The City cannot offer legal advice to bidders.  

Tax foreclosure RFQ download here

Available Properties listed in Oak Park

14211 11 Mile Road - Mixed use opportunity
13151 Ten Mile Rd
*Additional information for Parkwoods Plaza

For Sale as of February 21, 2023
8100 W. Nine Mile Road
8750 W. Nine Mile Road
10400 W. Nine Mile Road
13200 Oak Park Blvd.
14500 Eight Mile Road
21000 Hubbell
21500 Greenfield
21830 Greenfield
25201 Coolidge
23028 Norwood
13650 Eight Mile

For Lease as of February 23, 2023
13151 Ten Mile Road
13631 Nine Mile
15110-15150 Eight Mile Road
21040 Greenfield Road
21790 Coolidge
23100 Coolidge
25940-26200 Greenfield Road
23033-23125 Coolidge
21830 Greenfield Road
24700 Greenfield Road
13151 West Ten Mile Road
8505-8531 Nine Mile Road
8705 Capital
12950 Capital
25234-25274 Greenfield Road
10800-10820 Nine Mile Road
8100 Nine Mile Road
13201 Northend

Attention: Brewpubs and Restaurants
We want you here! With Class "C" Liquor Licenses available for under $2,000 and a new mixed-use zoning district on Eleven Mile Rd, there is no better time to invest in Oak Park. The property below is a featured property available on Eleven Mile Rd. For our brewpub information packet, click here.

Brewery Presentation Pg7.fw
Let Us Help You!

If you have an industrial or commercial property for sale or lease, please send the information to and include the following information so that we can help you market your property:
- Address
- Commercial or Industrial
- Sale or Lease
- Size and Specs
- Additional Building Details
- Price
- Contact Information
- Website
- Pictures
- Marketing Materials

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