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Current Projects

Multi-Community Planning Grant

An open house was held on February 26, 2019 in City Council Chambers to gather input from residents and businesses on the proposed ideas for the Coolidge and Eleven Mile Corridors. The study looked at Coolidge from Twelve Mile to Nine Mile as well as Eleven Mile from Greenfield to Woodward. It reviewed the traffic analysis to determine if a road diet was possible in any section of these roads as well as adding bike lanes. The study also took a look at opportunities to add green infrastructure to reduce the amount of water runoff and finally analyzed the connections and crosswalks between these communities to identify additional opportunities for safe crosswalks. The final report is here.

1 - Corridor Overviews - 11 Mile (Greenfield to Coolidge)

2 - Corridor Overviews - 11 Mile (Coolidge to Woodward)

3 - Corridor Overviews - Coolidge (9 to 10)

4 - Corridor Overviews - Coolidge (10 to 11)

Nine Mile Redesign Project

Nine Mile Redesign Project (web)

The Nine Mile Redesign is a grant-funded public improvement project that has brought multiple amenities to Nine Mile Road. The first phase of the project was completed in spring of 2020 in partnership with the City of Ferndale. It covers the area on Nine Mile Road from McClain Drive to the eastern border of Oak Park, and extends into Ferndale. The subsequent two phases hope to continue the redesign of Nine Mile Road westward, all the way to the City's border with Southfield. This project is expected to transform and revitalize the Nine Mile Road corridor, and spark a new beginning for Oak Park. 

To learn more about the Nine Mile Redesign project, click here.