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Meet our Communications and Public Information Director

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Courtney Flynn
Communications Director

City of Oak Park

14000 Oak Park Blvd.
Oak Park, MI 48237
(248) 691-7405

Boards and Commissions:

Communications & Public Information

The central mission of the Communications and Public Information Department is to serve as an effective communication and engagement conduit between the City of Oak Park and its community members, including residents, the business community, community stakeholders, and the media. The department creates a streamlined process that opens and invites lines of communication and interaction through the creation, development, implementation, and evaluation of communication initiatives. Department objectives include:

  • Strengthening the City’s brand;
  • Effectively managing and maximizing the quality of the City’s existing communications;
  • Increasing engagement, support, and participation in City initiatives, programs, services, and activities;
  • Helping the City earn favorable and supportive media coverage; and
  • Helping the City earn exceptional customer service ratings in providing communication support.

The Communications and Public Information Department maximizes opportunities to:

  • Inform and educate the public – Gain awareness, interest, and knowledge of the City’s programs, activities, and services through the efficient dissemination of information that is accurate, relevant, easy to understand, appealing, timely, and appropriate. The ultimate goal is to foster an informed, supportive, and knowledgeable public.
  • Encourage engagement and participation – Seek to open dialogue, create communication networks, and build relationships with the community. The ultimate goal is to create greater involvement and improved two-way communication between the City and its constituency that not only builds more support for government policy, process, and initiatives, but builds more supportive service to the community at large.
  • Mobilize resources – Increase participation, volunteerism, sponsorship, and support through individuals and businesses that wish to become more active in the City’s initiatives, economic development, boards and commissions, events, activities, and sponsorships.

The Communications and Public Information Department uses communication tools, opens networks, and builds relationships through five, community engagement channels:

  • Print, Production, and Publication – Produces and disseminates print materials such as the City’s annual report, calendar, newsletter, flyers, Community Resource Guide, and Resident Handbooks.
  • Online Production – Manages, builds, and promotes the City’s web content, online communications, social media communities, and marquee announcements.
  • Media Relations – Builds relationships with the media, serves as frontline triage for media inquiries and crisis communications, and disseminates press materials.
  • Community Relations – Actively participates in the planning, promotion, and implementation of City initiatives, programs, services, and events.