About the Oak Park Library

The Oak Park Library enjoys a history of strong community support and patronage as individuals come to rely on the Library to explore new and emerging technologies. They are welcome to browse books, magazines, audio tapes, movies and music. The Library offers a quiet environment in which to study, learn, research, explore and work. 

The Library can be a valuable resource for self-development. For children, the library encourages a zest for reading, a passion for learning, and a quest for knowledge. For teens, the library evolves into a support mechanism that fosters inclusion, develops self-image, creates opportunities for learning, and promotes self-expression. Libraries help children develop interests and hobbies. They can also gain a sense of accomplishment and purpose. Libraries are a place to socialize, support educational goals, develop literacy, test skill sets, and plan for the future.

Adults and seniors visit the library for its community gathering space, its technology petting zoo, helpful resources, personal assistance, resourceful information and entertaining activities. Topics on subjects like marriage, pregnancy, parenting, self-improvement, cooking, caregiving, financial planning, college, career development and employment are popular with adults. Seniors can benefit by the camaraderie, resource assistance, financial planning, retirement planning, health care information, and wellness promotion.

The Library is the City's center for information, education, activities and events. The Library hosts popular community events, including concerts, art exhibits, author signings and children's events.

The Mission

The Mission of the Oak Park Library is to provide materials, services and information to the diverse community within the City of Oak Park to meet the community's lifelong educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs. This has been the catalyst for the Library's program and service development.

A Brief History of the Oak Park Library