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Gun Permits & Gun Registrations (Residents Only) 

If you are purchasing a Firearm from a dealer/gun shop: No action is necessary. Federal Firearm License (FFL) dealers are permitted to conduct a background check therefore you will obtain your gun registration from the FFL dealer upon background approval and purchase of a firearm.  

Valid CPL Holders – Complete the following form
 and submit to your local agency. 

Pistol Sales Record RI-060: MSP RI-060 Pistol Sales Record form ( 

Non-CPL Holders
(private party / person to person exchange) and/or individuals under 21 years of age: You must obtain a License to Purchase/Possess a Firearm from the Public Safety Department. Upon approval, the License to Purchase is valid for 30 days. 

  • Application & Background Check fee: $5.00 
  • Notary fee: $5.00_____________________ 
  • TOTAL: $10.00 

The copy of the Pistol Sales Record (registration) labeled “Registry Copy” or “Licensing Authority Copy” must be turned in to the Public Safety Department within 10 days after acquiring the firearm for proper registration.