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Public Safety Staff

The members of the Department of Public Safety function in three capacities - police, fire and emergency medical first response. Staff are fully-trained to fulfill all three areas of responsibility. 

Detective Bureau Fire Marshalls  Reporting an Emergency 
Forensics Team Fire Policies and Procedures Emergency Response
Police Training Fire Training Emergency Response Training
Records Bureau Fire Investigation Emergency Response Statistics
Traffic Bureau Fire Inspection  
Dispatch Fire Statistics  
Prisoner Processing Fire Safety and Prevention  
Safety Tips and Crime Prevention    
Community Relations    
School Relations    
Crossing Guard Program    

Functions of the Department

The public safety work of the City shall consist of the following functions:

(1) The operation of motor and foot patrol units for routine investigations and the general maintenance of law and order.

(2) The maintenance of the central complaint desk at central police headquarters in the City Hall, the maintaining and supervising of police records, criminal and non criminal identification, property identification, custody of property and the operation of detention quarters.

(3) The investigation of crimes, elimination of illegal liquor traffic and vice, and the preparation of evidence for the prosecution of criminal cases and offenses in violation of this Code.

(4) The prevention and control of juvenile delinquency, the handling of cases in which women are involved, the removal of crime hazards and the coordination of community agencies interested in crime prevention.

(5) The control of traffic, traffic educational programs, school patrols and coordination of traffic violation prosecutions.

(6) The efficient and prompt extinguishment of fires which endanger or are likely to endanger life or property; the maintenance and operation of firefighting equipment and of such other emergency equipment as may be assigned to it.

(7) The investigation and inspection of potential fire hazards and the abatement of existing fire hazards.

(Code 1973, § 2-58)

Combination of Duties

There shall be no distinction between public safety officers assigned to perform duties commonly performed by a police department and members of the department assigned to perform work commonly performed by a fire department. Every public safety officer shall perform either police work or fire work as such duties shall from time to time be assigned to him by the director of public safety. Wherever any duties shall be imposed upon a city police officer or a city firefighter by any statute of the state, provision of this Code, city Charter or ordinance of the city, such duties shall be imposed upon the public safety officers of the city, and all public safety officers shall be "peace officers" within the meaning of such terms as used in the state statutes.

(Code 1973, § 2-62)