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SOCRRA Recycling Carts

Order a SOCRRA Recycling Cart

Please read below and click or scan the QR Code to order a 65-gallon recycling cart.

QRCode for Ordering your new recycling cart!

Why use a cart for recycling?

  1. More recycling capacity - a cart holds three times as many recyclables as the curbside recycling bins.
  2. Easy to get to the curb - recycling carts have wheels for ease in transporting to the curb for collection.
  3. Helps to keep neighborhoods clean - carts have a sturdy lid to contain all recyclables inside and reduce the potential for materials to blow around during inclement weather.
  4. There is no charge to receive a cart.  Click the QR code to order a FREE cart today!


Did you know?

  • All recyclables can be mixed together in the cart.  That means paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and jugs, metal cans, and glass bottles and jars can all be placed in your recycling cart together (loose; not in bags).  The sorting of the materials happens at SOCRRA's recycling facility.  For a complete list of acceptable materials, please click here or download the Waste Wizard app.

  • The more Oak Park recycles, the more money the City saves!  As a member of SOCRRA, Oak Park earns a rebate for every ton of recycling delivered to SOCRRA. These rebates help to offset costs to operate our recycling and trash services.

If you would like more information on Waste Collection, Leaf Pick Up (including maps), and other Public Works functions, please Click Here.