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Engineering Division

The Engineering Division plans, designs, administers, and supervises infrastructure improvement projects constructed within the City of Oak Park. These projects include water main, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, roads, sidewalks, and parking areas for both public and private infrastructure. The Division maintains engineering and construction standards and provides street and development maps. They are also responsible for coordinating with County, State and Federal agencies to ensure compliance with current regulations. The  Engineering staff stays very busy throughout the entire year.

Generally, the Engineering Division notifies residents in advance of major street, sidewalk, water, or sewer projects. Likewise, residents should feel comfortable calling the Engineering Division for burned-out street lights, malfunctioning traffic signals, dangerous sidewalks, and water leaks on public property.

Following are three maps that provide detail on the sidewalk repair program, sewer cleaning efforts, and construction projects throughout the City.

Sidewalk Repair Program

The department also administers the Sidewalk Repair Program.  Removal and replacement is necessary to provide a safe and uniform path for you and your neighbors. To learn about the Sidewalk Replacement Program, replacement criteria, the cost, your options and other frequently asked questions, please visit Sidewalk Replacement Program

Sewer Cleaning Map

Periodically, the sewer is scheduled for clean-up. For information on when your neighborhood is scheduled for this service contact the Technical and Planning Department. Or, visit Sewer Cleaning Map for periodic updates.

Construction Project Map

Occasionally, you may be inconvenienced by a construction project that inhibits your drive in and around the City. For a map that details the planned construction projects, call the Technical and Planning Department. Or, visit Construction Project Map for periodic updates.

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