General Election Results - Congratulations!

We wish to sincerely congratulate Marian McClellan who was re-elected as Mayor of Oak Park; Carolyn Burns who was re-elected to City Council; and to Regina Weiss who was newly elected to City Council in yesterday's General Election, according to Oakland County Elections Division's unofficial election results. The results remain unofficial until the ballots are canvassed and declared official by the Oakland County Elections Division.
According to these preliminary results, Marian McClellan received 95.71% of the 3,871 votes that were cast for Mayor. At this point, 4.29%, or 166 votes, remain unassigned write-ins. Once canvassed and made official each of the 166 votes will be classified as a write-in for either Jerry Naftaly, a write-in candidate for the Mayor position, or as a rejected write-ins.
Registered voters were able to vote for two City Council seats. Of the 7,409 votes received, Carolyn Burns, receiving 2,969 votes, and Regina Weiss, receiving 2,769 votes, were elected by the voters into the two open seats. Andrew Robert Cissell received 1,632 votes. At this time, .53%, or 39 votes, remain as unassigned write-ins and each will be individually classifed as write-ins for either Jean Erwin, a write-in candidate for City Council, or as a rejected write-ins. A rejected write-in is a write-in that can not be counted due to improper marking by the voter.
City Council Member Solomon Radner became the City's new Mayor Pro Tem, a seat previously held by Carolyn Burns. The Mayor Pro Tem is determined by the candidate with the highest number of votes in the previous election.
Current City Council Member Kiesha Speech, who decided not to run for re-election, will have her last day in office on Monday, November 13 during a Special City Council Meeting which will include a celebration of her service to the City.
Marian McClellan, Carolyn Burns, Regina Weiss and Solomon Radner will take the Oath of Office on Monday, November 13 in City Hall. There will be a Special City Council Meeting with the current City Council scheduled for 7 p.m. This will be immediately followed by the Organizational Meeting (at approximately 7:15 p.m.) where the newly elected officials will pledge their oath to office. The public is cordially invited to attend both meetings.
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